Who We Are

Hal Eskenazi

A veteran Recruiting Specialist, National Accounts Manager and Trainer with extensive experience recruiting for Top Tier Corporations, Management Consulting  organizations and mid to small companies across all lines of business. Expansive experience in advising clients on effective recruiting, hiring techniques and retention practices over the last 25 years. Dedicated to helping candidates and clients achieve success through developed methodologies, processes, and techniques.


Conren Investors Group LTD., the parent company of vieReady, was incorporated in 1987. Initially focused on Assessments and Testing programs matching job candidates to careers and jobs, later operating as Profiles WorldWide, a national Recruiting Firm with focus on placing the right candidates to the right roles using uniquely successful resume and interview coaching methodologies. The 2008 recession created a new challenge in the marketplace. Conren began researching the possibility of inexpensive, online, professional training programs that allowed job candidates to be competitive and self sufficient in each position applied for. Thus the idea behind vieReady was formed.


vie (French) – Life, Career + Ready – To be fully prepared

The premise behind vieReady is to make you prepared for your career, now and in the future, by providing the tools and knowledge necessary to move you forward.

Previously known as 15SecondResume and InterviewCoach24-7, two unique one-of-a-kind specialized trainings; vieReady focuses on helping the individual maximize their potential by providing the skills and knowledge to make themselves unique and stand out amongst their competition.

Our Mission

  • To teach you what most recruiters, job coaches, and resume writers won’t teach in regards to the job search.
  • To insure an effective, low cost, opportunity for all to compete effectively in the job market by clearly differentiating themselves.
  • To train and provide the unique skills sets necessary to market yourself and interview with state of the art methods that place you substantially above the competition.
  • To create a gateway for each individual to prepare themselves for every stage of their career. From job searches, submitting resumes, networking, interviews, and job offers, by instilling skills that sell them properly, professionally.