“Like anyone offering a FREE product or service, they have something bigger in mind for you.”

free trapFREE Resume Review? FREE Resume writing? FREE Interview Coaching? And would you also like fries and a shake with that?

P.T. Barnum is famously known for the saying “There’s a sucker born every minute.

So have we all become “suckers”? When we hear the word FREE, we want to know what’s FREE. We see the sign FREE and we are ready to get in line. We get an e-mail or text that says FREE and we’re ready to sign up. So let’s separate illusion from reality, in the closest of realities, your job. There’s a lot at stake here.

Do you think anyone is really going to spend the time to help you make money by writing your resume for FREE? When you are offered a FREE review or assessment, is it really FREE? When you are offered a FREE interview coaching session, will it be FREE? A business exists to make money. Period. No one can give away their product or services for FREE and survive. They need to pay their expenses, their employees, etc. Resumes writers and interview coaches are no different. Like anyone offering a FREE product or service, they have something bigger in mind for you. These individuals have spent a lot of time and money to learn the art of their trade.

I talk about this because someone inquired this week about FREE resume writing as they didn’t see “FREE” on our site. Giving away something for “FREE” is the “come on” that adds to the price you will eventually pay. You’ll need that end product and that WILL NOT BE FREE.

WE DON’T DO FREE for those and other reasons. We also don’t write your resume or take your interview for you. We believe no one can know you better that you. You just need to learn how to present yourself both in your resume and in your interview. Here is my suggestion when looking for a job. And, by the way, even if you are not looking for a job you should have an up to date resume at the ready at all times. And I know I don’t have to explain why.

So before you are deep into the process, have lost time and are back to “ground zero”, decide what you really need. You’ll need a strong marketing tool to start with, i.e. your resume. Are you interested in a professional resume writer, a drop down menu where you fill in the boxes, or a training tool that will teach you how to customize your own resume to the position and how to interview? Look at each of these options. Look for a service that is within your means. Look for a service that has a history. Look for a service that assures you that you will get more value then you paid for. Look at each of these categories and know what you are getting before you sign up. Now if you still want FREE go for it. Then share you stories with me of what FREE really cost you.