vieReady presents InterviewCoach24-7®

Why InterviewCoach24-7?

Ever experienced the following?

  • You’ve had interviews, thought you nailed the questions, and thought you’d be invited for further interviews. NOTHING HAPPENS.
  • You’ve had interviews, did well throughout the process, but NO OFFER.
  • You can’t figure out what you are doing wrong.
  • You know you are the right candidate for the position, yet your interviews are not convincing enough.

You are not alone. You will be surprised as to why people fail in their interviews.

It’s not about you, it’s about the interviewer.
It’s about understanding the interview process; how to reshape it to work for you.
Differentiate yourself from the competition. In today’s economy, companies are resistant to hiring except when absolutely necessary. You need to show them why you are absolutely necessary.
We’ll give you an understanding of the interview process from a direction no other training takes you, substantially increasing your chances of getting the job offer.
We’ve created an easy to understand and follow interview coaching training that is guaranteed to get you to change your interview style. This is a no risk opportunity for you to do better on your job interviews. Guaranteed.

Led by one of our seasoned professional trainers, this 100 minute course will encompass:

  • Taking control of your interview
  • What are you saying that is working against you?
  • The role of the interviewer and the “real” purpose of the interview.
  • What is the interviewer really wants to know instead of what they are asking.
  • How to anticipate and handle the knock-out questions
  • How to handle compensation, a technique that can be worth many thousands of dollars in your offer.
  • And much more…

100% Guarantee you will get VALUE out of this course.

Price: $9999
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