Should you declare your motherhood?

mom on your resume

On Friday May 8th’s edition of the Today Show on NBC, a very interesting topic came up; “Should You Put Being a Mom On Your Resume?” The anchors and a public poll resulted in a mix of opinions on the matter. The anchors were divided from “Yes”, “You should tell the employer”, “You should tell the employer but not right away”, and the worst answer [sorry Carson] “yes I think it’s cool. I think it’s cool that you put family over work”. Yes very cool, if you’re not looking for a job. The public poll was in favor at 57%. They possibly broached this subject while thinking about mother’s day, and while “sentimental” it can be detrimental.

Obviously family comes first, and your parenting skills can be beneficial to your job. If you decide to tell your potential employer they may approve or be supportive, even possibly saying “we understand.” Do they really? And that’s if you even get the interview. Did “MOM” derail you from the start? PERSONAL INFORMATION DOESN’T BELONG ON YOUR RESUME. PERIOD. There are reasons an employer isn’t allowed to ask if you are married, have children, own a home, have a car [unless it’s a requirement for the job]. All of these items are discriminatory.

It’s your responsibility to decide if you can handle the position, if offered, without getting your potential employer or fellow employees involved in your personal life. By offering “MOM” or any personal information you are potentially allowing someone else to determine if you can handle the position. Your resume says you are qualified for the job and you need to keep it professional.