Job Interviews – The Compensation Hurdle

Do you feel your compensation is:

Too high?
Too low?
Just right?

Are you really interested in a lower salary?

Welcome to the maze of interviewing and the pain of compensation negotiations.

In the interview process compensation can be one of the most difficult questions to deal with. It’s also one of the most agonizing, causing a lot of stress. Are you in their salary range? Over their range? Below their range? If your salary is high, will they interview you anyway? If it’s too low, will they assume you are not at the level of expertise they are seeking?
Is there flexibility in their range? How do you know if there is flexibility and how much? Ask them? Really?

It depends who you’re interviewing with. You sometimes feel like you’re at a poker table with neither side showing their hand. Check that. They want to see your hand and will ask to see it.
One of the things I’ve taught candidates for years in my interview coaching is that you can’t “not answer” the question. And you need to answer it honestly. But it’s how you answer […]

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Keep Re-inventing Yourself

“Keep re-inventing yourself through self-education, because industries change quickly.”1

That’s the essence of an article mentioned in the latest newsletter, and I couldn’t agree more. Sometimes that means taking additional training/education that will make you self-sufficient in certain areas. If you are waiting for others to educate you when you can quickly & easily take the lead, the road ahead is long and slow.

What would a previous Harvard Business School’s class advise you after looking back at their careers?
“Keep re-inventing yourself through self-education, because industries change quickly.”
“Choosing the right career path was no trivial matter for Harvard Business School’s Class of 1963. They were members of one of the last generations that considered a lifelong career with a company as nothing out of the ordinary.

That’s a stark contrast to the results of a 35-year study conducted by Chuck Pierret, an economist with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. His report, released in 2010, found that the average American entering the workforce in 1979 held nearly 11 different jobs by the time she was 42 years old.”2

Today’s generation doesn’t want 40 […]

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The Cost of Free

“Like anyone offering a FREE product or service, they have something bigger in mind for you.”
FREE Resume Review? FREE Resume writing? FREE Interview Coaching? And would you also like fries and a shake with that?

P.T. Barnum is famously known for the saying “There’s a sucker born every minute.”

So have we all become “suckers”? When we hear the word FREE, we want to know what’s FREE. We see the sign FREE and we are ready to get in line. We get an e-mail or text that says FREE and we’re ready to sign up. So let’s separate illusion from reality, in the closest of realities, your job. There’s a lot at stake here.

Do you think anyone is really going to spend the time to help you make money by writing your resume for FREE? When you are offered a FREE review or assessment, is it really FREE? When you are offered a FREE interview coaching session, will it be FREE? A business exists to make money. Period. No one can give away their product or services for FREE and survive. They […]

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The Recession is Over?

“Once you look at the unemployment numbers of those out of work a year or more, those underemployed, and those who had given up on the job search a different picture of higher employment emerges.”
The recession is over, right? Maybe not. There has been plenty of talk about unemployment in the US being under 6%. The share of the long-term unemployed in the United States — as defined as people looking for work for at least six months — is falling as a recovery takes hold. But is that number real?

Once you look at the unemployment numbers of those out of work a year or more, those underemployed, and those who had given up on the job search a different picture of higher employment emerges. “The U-6 rate was flat in May at 10.8 percent… The U-6 rate has held firm in the double digits since June 2008. It most recently peaked at 17.1 percent in April 2010.”

Countries around the world face similar problems and compete globally to bring jobs to their country. We live in a global economy so […]

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Mom’s Resume

Should you declare your motherhood?

On Friday May 8th’s edition of the Today Show on NBC, a very interesting topic came up; “Should You Put Being a Mom On Your Resume?” The anchors and a public poll resulted in a mix of opinions on the matter. The anchors were divided from “Yes”, “You should tell the employer”, “You should tell the employer but not right away”, and the worst answer “yes I think it’s cool. I think it’s cool that you put family over work”. Yes very cool, if you’re not looking for a job. The public poll was in favor at 57%. They possibly broached this subject while thinking about mother’s day, and while “sentimental” it can be detrimental.

Obviously family comes first, and your parenting skills can be beneficial to your job. If you decide to tell your potential employer they may approve or be supportive, even possibly saying “we understand.” Do they really? And that’s if you even get the interview. Did “MOM” derail you from the start? PERSONAL INFORMATION DOESN’T BELONG ON YOUR RESUME. PERIOD. There […]

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