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4 Reasons Behind Importance of Student Internships

4 Reasons Behind Importance of Student Internships
Author: parker shown
Internships are extremely valuable in gaining enough experience before you start your actual career in a particular company or industry. If you are planning to engage an internship program while in school or directly right after the graduation, it can help you start your career successfully.
Why are Internships Important?
It is hard for you to make yourself ready for a full time position while you are in school. There are many companies or industries that offer internship programs for students, but they don’t pay. However, the experience you gain will be worth it in the long run. Students landing in important internships during summer have been able to secure a job with the same company right after the graduation.

Evaluation of Overall Performance
For few industries and companies, internships are quite important and they evaluate the overall performance of the candidate and later decide on hiring them. Companies prefer hiring internally, and this includes interns, and volunteers. It is quite easy for you to consider a candidate who has already demonstrated their work quality […]

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Eight Tips To Keeping The Right Attitude and Approach in Your Job Search

Eight Tips To Keeping The Right Attitude and Approach in Your Job Search
Author: Carter Donaldson

The business world is undergoing massive changes when it comes to the job search and recruitment fields. If you haven’t been on a job search in a while you will encounter culture shock when you return to it. The days of mailing resumes to job openings listed in your local newspaper are in decline. More and more businesses are using online job posting to fill employee openings. While that first search yielding over one thousand matches may be daunting the following eight tips will enhance your job search results.  
1. Resumes: In a job search your resume is your chance to show who you are and what you can do. Always make sure it’s up to date and current. Describe the duties you had in real terms and results not just generalities. If you can use numbers to describe duties use them. Highlight any education, special awards, or unique events you were a part of. 2. Organize: Know thyself is a popular old saying but in a […]

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Role of a Recruiter in IT recruiting

Role of a Recruiter in IT recruiting
Author: AnatteWorth

This is the time when recruiters are in high demand to find the right candidates to fill vacant positions. Companies can obviously post their own job advertisements and interview prospective candidates. This is not only time consuming but requires special knowledge and experience. For best results, it makes sense to work with a recruitment firm that has knowledge and experience in IT recruiting.

Choosing the right staffing firm

There are different types of staffing firms. Boutique staffing firms specialize in staffing for multiple industries, for example healthcare, legal and IT. IT staffing is just one of the industries they recruit for. Such staffing agencies may not have the expertise or experience in IT staffing as compared to IT staffing agencies. IT staffing agencies focus solely on filling IT vacancies and they can help you find IT candidates faster. To get access to the best IT talent, it is always better to consult an IT staffing firm.

Role of a recruiter

Finding candidates faster

An IT recruiting firm usually has dedicated recruiters for each of the technologies. When they […]

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5 Points to Consider Before Accepting or Declining a Job Offer

5 Points to Consider Before Accepting or Declining a Job Offer
Author: Shanmugam Ramalingam
Accepting a job offer is not a simple task. You read several job ads, walk to several businesses, attend umpteen interviews and endlessly wait in anticipation. At long last you receive offer letters by email, SMS or letters, and start pondering over what to do with them. The question of whether you want to accept, or not to accept is a difficult thing to answer. One offer may be good on location, another on salary and yet another on holidays and vacation. Some offers may be from very strong brands and you may want to work for them just for the sake of prestige.
There are dozens of parameters that you can use to evaluate an offer, but the real problem is in giving each parameter a score. Once you have done that, the next problem to tackle is the several permutations and combinations that you can make with the parameters themselves. Thinking deeper and deeper can leave you more confused than you were in the beginning. As a […]

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Sure Fire Ways to Sabotage Your Job Interview

Sure Fire Ways to Sabotage Your Job Interview
Author: Jon Piggins
You Only Get One Opportunity to Make a First Impression
 When the interviewer greets you, don’t wait awkwardly and immobile in your seat.
 Make a great first impression, you only get one shot at this. When you meet the interviewers or any of the staff, look the person in the eye and say hello, Offer your hand and shake hands confidently.
It is respectful to stand up when someone new enters or leaves the room. Don’t take your place for granted yet, you’re just at the beginning. Be sure to maintain good posture. You don’t have to sit bolt upright, but avoid slouching and wiggling, as you will give people a negative impression.
If you are asked why you are looking for a new job …
 Don’t say: “I am ready for a change”, “I don’t get along with my boss”, “The workload where I am is too much”, “The unemployment office requires me to go on interviews”.
Provide positive and proactive reasons for why you are looking for a new job. Discuss the excitement you feel […]

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