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Why 15SecondResume?

Your resume may not be selling you and you don’t even know it.

Being recruiting professionals for over 20+ years, our team has heard it all. The most popular quote when we talk to individuals being “I wrote the resume myself”, with the 2nd most popular being “I have a friend who writes great resumes for all our friends.” Yet time and time again, when we asked them if their resume is working for them, they usually tell us “NO”.

We know why your resume isn’t getting the attention it deserves. We’ll tell you.

Today you have many resume help options with some inexpensive or “free” and some that can be considered a luxury.

Time is valuable. In competitive markets, no one is going to wait around for you to get your resume written by a third party. You need to be able to react quickly to any opportunity with a resume that sells you, clearly, professionally, matching you to that specific opportunity. When you aren’t writing your own resume you are dependent on someone else without your background knowledge and not sensing your time of essence.

15SecondResume, specifically developed in a tough, competitive, job market, is easy to understand, follow, and use. We will give you a unique understanding of how your resume is read by computers and by people. You will learn to write a customized resume, matching you to the job in a matter of a few minutes.

Led by one of our seasoned professional trainers and recruiter, this 90 minute course will encompass:

  • Teaching you the art of customized, job specific, resume writing matching you to the job opportunity.
  • Give you the knowledge and tools necessary to become competitive, independent, and self-sufficient in your job searches.
  • Provide you with a complete understanding of the pivotal role your resume plays in the hiring process, from beginning to end, as seen through the recruiter’s and hiring manager’s perspectives.
  • Learn to prepare and customize your resume with impact, matching you to each job in a matter of minutes.
  • Show you how to format your resume to get passed though the latest technology roadblocks.
  • Handle job changes, and much more…

When you complete this training you will be able to separate yourself from the crowd by having a resume that sells you.

100% Guarantee you will get VALUE out of this course.

Price: $9999
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